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Women and Girls

Much of our work is aimed at empowering girls and women, through increased access to and control over economic resources and in other ways contributing to the enhancement of women’s self-esteem and status in their communities. As well as the various income-generating projects described below, we are also working in the areas of health and education with a focus on girls and women.

Women’s Dance Groups

Dance is a strong local tradition. There are a number of women’s dance groups in the region, but many had ceased to perform at public functions because they lacked the resources to buy cloth for their costumes. The Foundation has provided cloth for the women and hires them to perform at various functions at the Lodge, as well as in local music festivals. In this way, we have helped to revive many of these groups, thereby benefiting the women themselves and their families, but also the visitors to the Lodge and those frequenting musical events and festivals, such as the renowned Zalala Festival where these groups are now able to perform.