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The empowerment of communities through access to training, micro-finance and the strengthening of community self-management capacities is central to the mission of the Zalala Foundation. This includes support for savings and credit groups, the establishment of autonomous Community Associations and the provision of community spaces to be used as desired by the local communities.

Cooperative Associations

Another major focus of the Foundation has been the establishment of a formerly registered Association in the two communities, Supinho and Idugo. These Associations function as a community bank supporting local enterprise initiatives, as well as serving a social function in the community in line with local needs and priorities. In contrast to the savings and credit groups, which support individual initiatives, the Associations are based on cooperative principles and support cooperative enterprises within the community. Training in local leadership and cooperativism has been provided in order to ensure these principles are understood thereby enhancing the sound running of such enterprises.

The main activities supported by the Associations include fishing and salt mining. In A women’s horticultural group also recently started . In future, it is planned that the Sewing Project will be supported by the Associations as well.