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Improving health services and facilities available to local communities is one of the top priorities of the Zalala Foundation. To date, our main focus has been on Idugo. This island, with an estimated population of around 10,000 people, has no maternity unit or any health facilities at all. As a result of our intensive fundraising and lobbying efforts, the people of Idugo now enjoy increased access to some basic health services and there are plans in the near future to build a complete health centre on the island.

Building a Health Centre for Idugo

The people of Idugo have long been clamouring for a health centre on the island. Mothers, infants, the old and infirm can not make the long and often treacherous journey across the river to the nearest hospital. The lack of accessible medical care and treatment results in unnecessary loss of life. After many years of campaigning and fundraising on the part of the Zalala Foundation, the prospect of a fully fledged health centre for the island is now in sight!

Working together to save lives

A coalition has been formed between Save the Children, the Zalala Foundation, the Japanese Government and Friends of Global Health and between us, we will fund the construction of a fully fledged health centre on the island, This will include: a consultation block, maternity unit and a 2-bedroom house for nursing staff to be recruited by the provincial health authorities. The main bulk of the funding will be raised by Save the Children International. The Zalala Foundation and Government of Japan will each fund specific components of the Centre and Friends of Global (FGH) have committed to providing medical equipment and furniture. The provincial health department will provide ongoing monitoring and supervision of the Health Centre staff. .

It is hoped that construction of the Health Centre will commence in 2019 and be completed before the end of 2020. After construction, approximately 100 local community volunteers will be trained as maternal, newborn and child health nurses. Additional services to be provided include training for local midwives, advice on nutrition and diet, access to HIV testing and treatment and a wide range of other health-related services for local inhabitants.

Please support our efforts

The people of Idugo are counting on us to help save lives and bring lasting health benefits to the thousands of men, women and children living on the island. In order to fulfil our pledge to the people of Idugo, we need your support. Please give generously!