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Providing access to essential health services is one of the top priorities of the Zalala Foundation. To date, our main focus has been on Idugo, which has no facilities on the island or within easy reach. Since 2016, we have been supporting the community-based health workers (APEs) through training and subsidies. And since 2019, we have also contributed logistical support for Mobile Health Brigades who provide a range of health services on a monthly basis to the islanders. In 2020, after many years of persistent lobbying, a contract was signed between the Zalala Foundation and the Government of Japan for the funding of a Maternity Centre on the island. The Foundation is committed to ensuring the delivery of high quality maternity services and we will continue with our efforts to raise funds for a complete health centre for Idugo in the near future.

A Maternity Centre for Idugo
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