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17 October 2022

Zalala Foundation Trustees visit Field Projects

Two of the three Trustees of the Zalala Foundation in the UK, Alex Shankland and Tricia Barnett, were in Quelimane between 8-17th September to visit the field projects and meet the members of the team of the Mozambican Fundação Zalala. Their first trip was to Idugo island, where they were enthusiastically greeted with songs and poetry by the members of the Girls Clubs.

They were led by the girls to the meeting place of one of the Girls Clubs, where they heard about their activities.

They then visited the Maternity Centre and spoke to members of staff.

The visit ended with a meal and the offering of gifts and thanks for all the support that has been given over the years to the island. Gifts, including a goat, sacks of rice, chickens and a pair of doves were handed to Angela, the Director of the two Foundations as a token of their gratitude.

During their stay, the Trustees also visited the Fundação Centre in Supinho, where they met the members of AORIS who sang songs and discussed a range of topics covered in their meetings.

Group photos were taken to mark the occasion.

They then visited the Community re-settlement houses where people whose houses will be lost will be re-housed once the long awaited port building project begins in Supinho. It is estimated that around 70 households will be affected. To date, around 37 houses have been built.

In Quelimane, they met the Quelimane Administrator where they spoke about future collaborations and they also met with officials of AMME , the Association for Girls, Women and Education and heard about their work and the potential for a deepening partnership with the Fundacao over the years to come.

During the visit, the relationship between the Fundação and the Foundation was discussed and the different roles of each organisation were clarified. The Trustees left feeling inspired by what they saw and eager to continue supporting the work on the ground.