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24 May 2023

Supinho children learning under the trees

Upon arrival in Supinho, the Director was greeted by the members of the Children’s Clubs and by community leaders and other representatives. They told her how on the night of the storm, hundreds of people took shelter in the Foundation’s Community house, which was a real lifeline on that night.

The children sang a song about their sadness that their school had been destroyed by the Cyclone.

Song lyrics say: “Mae Angela – estamos male, o Ciclone Freddy levou a escola” meaning: “Mother Angela – things are bad here…Cyclone Freddy took our school away”

The leaders and School Director then accompanied Angela to see the school herself. The worst damage was to the roof and also the steps leading up to the classrooms which would be hazardous for the children to use.

In addition, the heavy rainfall has destroyed most of the school textbooks. Some, but not all, will be replaced by the Government.

They then went to see where the children are currently having classes under the trees

She assured the children, the teachers and the community leaders that the replacement of the rooves on the school was high up on the list of priorities.

Since then, the Zalala Foundation has been in touch with the Provincial Governor and local charities requesting support and we are expecting to hear news in the coming days.