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20 February 2023

Secondary schoolgirls move up to the next grade

All 8 girls who started secondary school in Quelimane last year passed their exams and will move on to the next level at the start of the new school year. At a meeting arranged by the Zalala Foundation with the girls, their parents and community leaders, they were heartily congratulated and encouraged to continue working hard in the year ahead. Some of the girls cried with emotion as the teachers gave each of them praise and encouragement to each. Their mothers were then invited to stand and be photographed with their respective daughters.

At the meeting, the issue of contact between the girls and their families was discussed and it was agreed that there will be monthly meetings between them so their parents can follow their progress. They also discussed ways in which they can support each other and the need for the older girls to be mindful of the needs of the younger ones. During the meeting the song composed by the girls which was broadcast on national radio was played and elicited enthusiastic and emotional support from parents and teachers alike.