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22 April 2023

School materials distributed to children in Idugo and Supinho

Cyclone Freddy with its pounding rain and gale-force winds devastated practically everything in its wake. The rooves of the schools were swept away, school books, desks and school materials were completely destroyed. Supinho has 1,511 school children and Idugo has a total of 3,030 schoolchildren split between two primary schools. After some weeks, the Department of Education sent school text books, blackboards, chalk and some other basic materials for teachers and gradually, some classes have been resumed. However, the schools are in a terrible condition and the children have no school materials as they were all lost in the storm.

Community leaders and parents told the Foundation that the top priority is to get children back in school and provide school materials for the children. Funds raised by the Zalala Foundation in the UK were sent to Mozambique to purchase packs containing exercise books, pens, pencils, paper, rubbers and rulers and a school bag to keep these items safe.

The distribution of these packs was presided over by the Foundation Team, the President of the Association, the Community Leaders, school directors and the teachers.

The joy of the children upon receiving these materials is written on their faces!

Next, we are planning to raise money to put a roof over the schools so the children are not exposed to the elements. Your support is needed to help us to provide these children with the basic minimum conditions at school. Please give generously!