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29 September 2020

Return of the Mobile Health Brigade

After a gap of several months, due to restrictions relating to COVID-19, a health brigade arrived on Idugo to provide urgently needed medicines and a range of medical interventions. In all, 618 patients received attention during the course of the day and provided 3 general health talks, which were attended by a total of 417 people on the island. The most common conditions and illness found were: malaria, high blood pressure, infant diarrhea, TB and hypertension. In addition to medication and vitamins, the team administered over 70 vaccinations for measles, polio and hepatitis. In addition, the family planning clinic attended to 30 women who were given depo provera or contraceptive pills.

The Mobile Health Brigades are subsidised by the Zalala Foundation in order to meet the most urgent health needs of the people of Idugo in the absence of health facilities based on the island. We view this as an interim measure whilst waiting for the construction of a health centre on the island, which will comprise a maternity wing and a consulting block and housing for qualified health personnel to be permanently based on the island. The health centre is supported by a Consortium of government and non-government bodies, including: the Zalala Foundation, the Government of Japan, Save the Children International, Friends in Global Health and the District and Provincial Health, Planning and Social Action departments of the Mozambican Government. Read more here.