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25 October 2020

ORIS – Girls’ Group of Idugo and Supinho is born!

On the 11th September 2020, ORIS – a new group representing girls from the communities of Supinho and Idugo – was inaugurated. The group’s name, ORIS – stands for Ossanzaia Raparigas de Iduge e Supinho – meaning Hope and Opportunity for the Girls of Idugo and Supinho.

Leading up to its creation, several meetings took place where the girls discussed their aims and vision and came up with this name. Two separate groups – one comprising over 60 girls from Idugo and the other a smaller number of girls from Supinho – decided to form a combined group and have become members of the Zambezia wide Girls Group – the ARZ. Their inauguration took place on the last day of a 3-day training session, led by experienced members of ARZ, who spoke about their own experiences and ways of working within this umbrella organisation. They also spoke about the governance structures and the roles of each member of these structures. On the last day of the training, elections were held and responsibilities assigned to the most trusted and active girls in their respective communities. Over the coming months, a series of training sessions and exchange meetings with other members of ORIS is planned in order to strengthen the capacities of ORIS and guide their development and their capacity to promote the goal of girls empowerment and defend the rights and interests in all spheres.