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21 April 2020

Leading the Coronavirus prevention efforts in Supinho and Idugo

A one-day Emergency Awareness-raising training programme, coordinated and funded by the Zalala Association, took place at the Association Headquarters in Supinho on 17th April. The training, provided by health professionals employed by the Department for Women and Social Action in Quelimane was attended by 19 people, including 2 community health workers, savings and credit group animators, literacy teachers, members of the Provincial and district Children’s Parliament and local community leaders. Training topics covered include: information and awareness-raising, symptoms of the virus, social distancing, the importance of washing hands, wearing masks and so on; the setting up of support mechanisms for at risk groups, distribution of soap and purified water to households; guidelines on waste disposal and collection and demonstrations on the use of fumigation equipment to be sprayed in homes, cars and canoes transporting passengers between Supinho and Idugo.

The following day, the2 Children’s Parliament participants replicated the training for the other members of the Children’s Parliament.

In addition, the sewing groups in Supinho and Idugo will produce masks to be distributed to community members as part of the prevention strategy. Other activities, including fumigation of houses and transport vehicles, distribution of soap and water and community briefings have also commenced . This work will continue over a 3-month period in both communities. Regular updates will be provided regularly on this site.

We are also asking for donations to the Zalala Association in order to maximise the number of people we are able to reach. Whatever you are able to give will be greatly appreciated.