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28 February 2020

Inauguration of Idugo Community Centre

The new Community Centre for Idugo was inaugurated on 20th February. The Quelimane District Administrator and other District Government officials, along with traditional community leaders, the school director and many other community representatives were all present to mark this special occasion. After the arrival of the Quelimane delegation, local residents led the convoy to the site of the Community Centre where proceedings began with the traditional ceremony calling upon the ancestors to protect the house.

This ceremony was followed by the unveiling of the commemorative plaque and the cutting of the ribbon.

Celebrations continued and included singing, dancing and a performance by the members of the Girl’s Group advocating the importance of education and the dangers of indulging in alcohol and other forms of risky behaviours.

The new Centre will be used for Association meetings, literacy classes, a range of trainings and will also be used by the sewing group for keeping all their sewing fabrics and equipment.