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9 December 2020

HIV treatments for the people of Idugo

Despite a high level of HIV prevalence on Idugo island, those who test HIV positive have to travel a long distance to get ARVs (anti-retroviral treatment). As a result, treatment adherence is very low resulting in unnecessary loss of life. Friends of Global Health (FGH) have been providing these services throughout Zambezia for the last few years, but Idugo was not covered owing to the lack of a health facility on the island. Over the last 18 months, the district health authorities, subsidised by the Zalala Foundation, have sent Mobile Health Brigades on a monthly basis to attend to the basic health needs of the local inhabitants. The Zalala Foundation successfully persuaded FGH to send two of their staff equipped with ARVs to Idugo alongside the Mobile Health Brigade. They were able to distribute and provide counselling and information to a large number of HIV positive men and women on the island. They will now join the Mobile Health Brigades each month. As a result, many lives will be saved.