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7 February 2022

Group of 8 girls embark on their journey into secondary education

These eight girls – Vânia, Liliana, Antônia , Belinha, Esquitora, Noémia, Zaurina and Latia – are about to start their secondary education journey at a boarding school in Quelimane. All these girls showed great dedication and promise at primary school and on this basis were selected to continue into secondary education – a rare privilege for most young girls in Mozambique, especially in rural areas. Six girls are from Idugo and two are from Supinho.

The school is run by Franciscan nuns and has an excellent reputation providing a loving home and high quality education for girls from both urban and rural areas. The girls moved in to the school a couple of weeks before the start of term in order to attend Portuguese classes, the language in which all the classes will be given. Most of them normally converse in their native language. So, when Veronica, the Foundation’s Field Coordinator spoke to the girls, she was astounded that they spoke to her in almost fluent Portuguese. She said they have already been transformed and this is just the beginning!

The Zalala Foundation is covering their tuition fees, a small monthly allowance, school uniforms , hygiene and other essential needs. Funds raised from our 2021 Christmas appeal will cover the costs of two girls. We are still looking to raise money to cover the costs of some of the other girls. Any contribution, however small is most welcome. Click here to contribute.