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24 November 2020

Girls and boys in Idugo complete their sewing training

After completing a 6-month course of training in sewing methods, a group of 15 children aged between 9-15 years – 11 girls and 4 boys – received their graduation certificates. The graduation ceremony was attended by parents, teachers, local leaders and by dignitaries who came from Quelimane to attend and officiate at the ceremony. Several graduates from last year’s sewing training in Supinho also attended the ceremony. All graduates received a certificate , a sash and a rose. The clothes made by the young graduates during the training were on display for visitors to see and buy. Most of them were sold!

Prizes for the best students

The best in the group also received a prize. In addition, the Zalala Foundation offered an additional sewing machine in recognition of the group’s achievements bringing the total number of sewing machines up to five.

Future plans

After an interruption of several months when the group prioritised the making of masks for distribution to Idugo inhabitants, the group has now resumed its work on making school uniforms in readiness for school re-opening in the New Year. The making of shirts, skirts, trousers and other clothes will also be resumed in response to strong local demand for these products.