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6 July 2022

Girl’s advisory forum members meet to review progress

AORIS met on 2nd July to review the progress of activities over the previous month and to plan ahead for the month of August. The meeting was attended by Advisory Board members, including the 8 secondary school students currently being supported in their studies by the Zalala Foundation, the leaders and mentors of the Girls’ Clubs in Supinho and Idugo, the Foundation Team and the sewing trainer. AORIS members spoke about the work of the newly formed Girls’ Clubs and the progress with the teaching and other recreational activities with new young recruits in both communities. The secondary school students shared with the local groups their progress and some challenges faced at school. The work of the sewing groups in both communities was also discussed, including the purchase of a mobile tent for displaying their goods at various markets and fairs in and around Quelimane town. The second part of the meeting focussed on the plans for the month of July and the topics to be discussed in the Girls’ Clubs. The day was characterised by shared pride in what has already been achieved and enthusiasm about the plans ahead.