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12 August 2018

English language classes for Supinho

During July and August this year, Ricardo, a recent graduate from the UK, has been teaching English on a voluntary basis in Supinho. He first came several years ago and taught English to the staff at Zalala Beach Lodge. Now, he is teaching at the Supinho primary school for children from the first year through to the older children in their last year. Most of the children are very eager to learn. In their English exams, which they took after 5 weeks of classes, the average result was 80%. The children were overjoyed. Keep up the good work Ricardo!!

In addition to the lessons at the school, Ricardo has also been running lessons for anyone interested from Supinho village. Over 30 people showed up for lessons. So, they were split into 2 groups. Attendance levels at the classes are almost 100% and Ricardo is delighted to see such enthusiasm.

Ricardo has also donated English language books to the Foundation to be kept in the headquarters. His idea is to create an English language learning centre for the local community. We think this is a great idea and plan to contribute books for the centre. If you have any English language teaching books or childrens books that you would like to donate, please contact us