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8 November 2023

Distribution of Hygiene Kits for Cyclone Freddy victims

On the 6th November 250 hygiene kits containing, water sterilisation tablets, soap cars, tampons and buckets were distributed to elderly, disabled and other vulnerable families, worst affected by Cyclone Freddy on Idugo Island. The families were identified by the local community leaders.

The Kits were provided by World Vision after much lobbying undertaken by the Fundacao Zalala highlighting the desperate situation on the island and the lack of a humanitarian response neither from the Government of Mozambique, nor the NGO community in Zambezia.

The Fundacao provided transport from Quelimane to the port of Supinho and also from the Port of Supinho to Idugo for the transport of the materials and the staff of World Vision. The District Administrator and the Provincial Director of Health and other senior Government representatives presided over the event, which was broadcast on national TV and radio.