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1 April 2023

Cyclone Freddy Update 3

Finally, after many weeks, some help has reached our villages.

Cholera Vaccinations

USAID, supported by the District Health Department, have administered door-to-door cholera vaccinations across the whole of Idugo and Supinho. This is of enormous importance in ensuring that cholera does not spread in these communities. The vaccinations are administered orally, thereby avoiding the resistance often encountered in the case of vaccines administered by injections.

Food aid for Supinho

The people of Supinho have received some basic food aid administered by the World Food Programme. However, this aid has not reached the people of Idugo. Therefore, the Foundation, in coordination with community leaders, is planning to provide basic food parcels prioritizing the most vulnerable in the community.

Return to school identified as key priority in both communities

The Cyclone has left all the schools in a dismal state: the school rooves have been swept away; the text books have all been destroyed; the teachers house in Idugo is uninhabitable, so there are no teachers. The Department of Education has delivered basic text books to the schools to replace those lost during the Cyclone and the Foundation has agreed to provide exercise books, pens, pencils, paper for the schools in both communities. We are also planning to repair the school roof and replace other essential facilities and have launched an appeal for funding from our friends and supporters.

We are also lobbying the larger NGOs, including the World Food Proramme, to provide relief to Idugo which, owing to access difficulties, has not received any support from the NGO community (except for the vaccinations from USAID).

We will have further updates on all these initiatives in the coming weeks