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21 March 2023

Cyclone Freddy ravages the villages and town

Cyclone Freddy, one of the longest and most powerful tropical storms ever recorded ravaged our villages as it swept across the coast of Mozambique last week. Communication with and access to Supinho and Idugo by road is extremely difficult as the roads have turned into rivers, electricity poles have collapsed and communication networks are absent. What we do know is that hundreds, if not thousands of houses have collapsed leaving people homeless and exposed to the elements.

When the team was finally able to get to Supinho, they heard first hand how the night when the eye of the storm landed on the village, hundreds of families crowded into the Foundation’s Community House and they stood upright all night to maximise the number who could fit there.

According to local community leaders, 190 houses collapsed leaving 2,606 people homeless. The situation gets worse by the day as there is no access to food and water. The farms have been swamped and most people are living on potatoes. Clothes are sodden. There is no way to access medical help and people are desperate.

The situation in Idugo is in some ways worse due to the difficulty of accessing the island safely. We do know however that Maternity Centre has not been damaged. The only damage was to the solar power system, which provides light and electricity.

The Foundation is working closely with community leaders to draw up a list of the most urgent priorities and we are launching an appeal to send funds to support the relief efforts on the ground. Please give generously. We will keep you posted.