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23 June 2019

Certificate and prize-giving ceremony for sewing training graduates

After completing their 3-month training programme carried out in Supinho, a total of 15 women from Supinho and 10 girls and boys from Idugo were awarded a certificate of merit. Dignitaries invited to attend the graduation ceremony include local leaders, representatives from the District and Provincial administration, the Presidents of the 2 local Associations, the Director and officers of the Foundation.

The proceedings were kicked off by music and dances performed by the local dance group Estrela Vermelha (The Red Star).

After the handing of certificates to all those who completed the training, prizes were given to the students who showed most dedication and promise. They each received a basic sewing pack with cloth, needles, thread, scissors and a tape measure.

Promoting Girl’s Empowerment

During the graduation ceremony, speeches were given praising the efforts and training outputs – clothes, handbags and toys – many of which were on display. The Community Coordinator also spoke about the work of the Foundation, which is aimed at promoting girl’s empowerment through this activity. In addition to providing an important source of income for young girls, it also provides a useful resource to local inhabitants who can buy their clothes locally without having to travel to the town. Read more about the Foundation’s work aimed at promoting girls empowerment.

The youth use drama to educate the older generation

After the main ceremony, a group of young girls and boys enacted a small drama written by the members of the group. A woman wants to learn to sew so she can make clothes and sell them in the village, but her husband refuses to let her attend the training sessions. He says her place is at home focussing on domestic tasks. Later he goes past a stall where he sees a very nice shirt. When he enquires about the price, he thinks to himself that if his wife had been trained, she could be selling shirts to others and bringing money into the household. Realising this benefit, he changes his attitude and encourages her to participate in the training!

Future plans – setting up a sewing group in Idugo

In response to the strong enthusiasm and commitment, as well as the rapid learning capacity of the young students from Idugo, the Foundation will be supporting these young girls to be able to start up their own independent sewing group on Idugo island. The young trainees will train others so as to increase the production capacity of the group. This initiative will be supported by the Foundation in the form of additional training and equipment.