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5 June 2023

Celebrating International Children’s Day

On Sunday 4th June, International Children’s Day was celebrated in Supinho. The festivities were officiated by the wife of the Administrator of Quelimane, members of AORIS, the Children’s Association of Idugo and Supinho and the members and partners of the Zalala Foundation in the presence of community leaders, parents and other community representatives.

AORIS members performed dances and sang songs and poems to celebrate the special occasion. Refreshments and token gifts were provided by the Zalala Foundation to acknowledge the active participation of the children in the Association.

The wife of the District Administrator, expressed her respect and admiration of the youth participation and gave words of encouragement. She congratulated the Zalala Foundation for their work and support of young people and said that although she had heard first hand about this impressive work, seeing the children speak and express themselves brought home even more strongly the incredible force of their commitment and engagement with the process. On this positive note, she ended wishing them ongoing success.