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30 September 2017

Business Management Training in Idugo

Between 26-29 September, 23 members of the Idugo Association participated in a Business Management training run by the Foundation. Over the 3 day-period, participants learnt about the basic principles of business management, from market research, product development, pricing strategies and financial control.

The method applied for explaining and demonstrating the practical application of these principles was based on in-depth discussion of 3 case studies of local businesses, one selling fish, another rice and a third a small grocery shop with a variety of products. There were lively discussions in small break-off groups in which everyone had the chance to ask questions and share their experiences. All the sessions were also translated into the local language to ensure that non-Portuguese speakers were able to follow everything that was said. By the end of the 3 days, most participants had acquired a good understanding of many business principles and were eager to start applying them to their own businesses.