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22 November 2019

50 children, mostly girls, attend 2 day training for Children’s Parliament

After preliminary talks and meetings with representatives of the Children’s Parliament in the provincial capital, Quelimane, it was agreed that training would be provided to a total of 50 children – 25 from Supinho and 25 from Idugo – to prepare them for full integration into the district Children’s Parliament. The training covered children’s rights and the purpose of the Children’s parliament. Elections were held to select one President and 2 Vice-Presidents and a 12-month action plan for 2020 was developed. A key priority identified by girls in Idugo was the issue of domestic violence. They resolved to use various strategies, including drama and door-to-door lobbying to raise awareness among parents, teachers, local leaders and officials of the rights of children to education, clothing and freedom from violence. For more information on this project go to Projects.