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Please consider donating to fund our work. See below for details on how donations are used, and for the opportunity to donate to a specific project.

Support our Coronavirus efforts

In order to get communities prepared to protect themselves against Coronavirus, the Zalala Foundation is temporarily suspending most activities and focussing on an intensive 3-month programme of awareness-raising and education in Supinho and Idugo. Community activists from other projects, such as the literacy project and the savings and credit groups have undergone training provided by health officials from the Women’s and Social Welfare Ministry and they in turn will replicate the training in order to widen their reach. As well as general awareness-raising, our activists will distribute soap, water and chlorine for disinfecting purposes and will spray as many houses as possible. We need your support in order to be able to reach as many households as possible and to provide protective equipment for those carrying out the fumigation. The sewing groups in both communities are already busy making masks for wide distribution. Your donations will enable us to provide them with materials for the masks. so as to reach as many people as possible. for the potential arrival of COVID.

Supporting Girl’s Empowerment

In rural Mozambique, girls are at the bottom of the pile. Eight out of every 10 girls in the province do not complete primary school. Many get married and fall pregnant in their teens and are exposed to a high risk of contracting HIV. The Zalala Foundation is trying to change that. We have joined a nationwide network sharing tools and methodologies to empower girls and raise awareness of the importance of school and education. Our work has already made a huge difference and is transforming the lives of girls and their communities. Please help us to continue and expand this work. Read more about what we are doing and our future plans.

Support the women and girls’ sewing project

The first women’s sewing group was established following training provided to almost 30 women in Supinho village. They learnt to make bags, place mats, soft toys and other items, which were displayed at the shop in Zalala Beach Lodge and sold at local markets and festivals, such as the Zalala Festival. The group were then contracted to produce uniforms for a child sponsorship programme in surrounding districts. Subsequently, the Foundation has provided further training and a second group has been established on Idugo island. As well as additional income for group members, the sewing project benefits all members of the communities by providing access to attractive clothing and more affordable school uniforms for people living in the local area. Read more about the development and future plans for this project.

Building a Health Centre for the people of Idugo

We are appealing for donations to contribute towards the cost of a new Health Centre to be built on Idugo, an island with a population of approximately 10,000 people. The Health Centre will include a consultation and treatment unit and a maternity wing. In addition, it includes housing for qualified nursing staff to be based on the island. Any support you can provide, will help to save lives and improve the health of all the people living on the island. Read more about our plans for the Health Centre for Idugo.