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Please consider donating to fund our work. See below for details on how donations are used, and for the opportunity to donate to a specific project.

Cyclone Freddy Appeal

Cyclone Freddy, one of the longest and most powerful tropical storms ever recorded ravaged our villages as it swept across the coast of Mozambique last week. In both communities, hundreds of houses have collapsed leaving people homeless and exposed to the elements.

Many are facing hunger and illness as fields and crops have been flooded. Schools in both communities have been damaged and classes have been brought to a halt. The health centre in Idugo in Idugo is without light and water and Supino residents are unable to access the nearest health centre due to flooding on the roads.

The lack of water has led to a serious cholera outbreak and there are fears of an increase in cases of other waterborne diseases, such as diarrhoea and malaria, with young children at greatest risk. Read more here

Emida’s desperate call for help is echoed by all the people of Idugo and Supinho.

Please donate whatever you can to help us to respond to the immediate needs of the communities, including roofing, cooking fuel and basic food supplies, as well as paying for school repairs to enable children to resume classes.

Supporting Girl’s Education

Following on from the success of our ongoing Girls’ Empowerment project , the Zalala Foundation will continue to support girls’ education. In the last 2 years, school attendance amongst girls has more than doubled and several are now ready to move into secondary education. But only those whose parents can afford to pay will have this opportunity. The Zalala Foundation has selected six girls with proven capacity and motivation- Noemia, Latia, Antonia, Liliana, Esquitora and Belinha – to continue their studies at a well reputed school in Quelimane town.

– $15 will cover the travel costs for them to visit their families and attend monthly girls association meetings in their communities

– $30 will provide each girl with a starter pack of school materials and additional personal requirements

– $75 will pay the monthly boarding and tuition fees for each girl

– $250 will cover all the costs per girl per term

Any support you can provide will help transform the lives of these girls. By helping them to succeed, they will inspire others to follow suit and the benefits will be multiplied

Read more about what we are doing and our future plans.

Support for women and babies

In 2021, a Maternity Centre was completed providing services for the first time for the women on Idugo. But the needs of women and their babies do not end here. Providing good services requires ongoing support, maintenance, supervision and training. The Foundation is providing transport to the centre health workers to and from town weekly. In the coming months, training is planned for a 10-person Committee to build local maintenance capacity. In addition, a baseline survey is planned to collect data on women’s experiences to be monitored over time with a view to identifying improvements, as well as difficulties experienced by service-users as a basis for future planning and development. For these and other related activities aimed at providing the best possible services to the women of Idugo, we need your support. Please give generously!