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The Team

The Zalala Foundation team started with just one community worker whose main focus was working with local credit and savings groups. As our work has expanded, the team has grown and now comprises 3 workers who work under the guidance and supervision of the Director who travels back and forth between Mozambique and the UK.

Angela Hadjipateras

Angela is the founder and director of the Zalala Foundation. Between 1994-2006, she worked in policy development and research for ACORD, a pan-African not-for profit organisation promoting peace and development in over 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Her main focus was on gender empowerment and tackling the stigma of HIV/AIDS. It was during this time that Angela became passionate about working with African communites. Soon after leaving ACORD, she decided to start up her own business in Mozambique and 2 years later, Zalala Beach Lodge was born. The main impetus and focus of this Responsible Tourism initiative is its work with local communities aimed at improving the lives and living conditions of local people. As this work has continued to grow and expand, she decided to establish the Zalala Foundation as a way of opening up new funding opportunities. Angela is based in the UK from where she guides and directs the work of the Foundation’s Community Team in the field.

José Manuel Armando Conceição

José’s career in community work began in the late eighties when he co-founded KULIMA, a national Mozambican NGO , established during the difficult civil war period. José headed the Zambezia branch with a strong focus on cooperativism and small business management. He was first employed by Zalala Beach Lodge as a consultant trainer to work with the local community groups in Supinho and Idugo. In 2016, he took up the position of Community Coordinator and helped to establish the Zalala Foundation. In addition to this role, he continues to provide training in leadership, organisational management, cooperativism and small business development. With his boundless enthusiasm and deep-seated commitment, Jose has already proven to be a great asset to the community team.

Judite António Francisco Joaquim

Judite, single mother and native of Quelimane initially joined the team of Zalala Beach Lodge in 2009 and took on sole responsibility for all the community work of the organisation. Prior to her recruitment, she had worked in Supinho with local savings and credit groups in a project run by Kulima, a national NGO. Besides Zambezia, she has also worked in other provinces of Mozambique and acquired expertise in many fields, including health and HIV/AIDS training and support for small businesses and cooperatives. Judite is a strong believer in the importance of autonomy and financial independence of women and this belief drives her work in communities. Recently, Judite’s role has shifted more towards financial and logistical management. However, she retains a strong presence in the field and plays a critical role in project planning and design.

Verónica Marques Bernardo

Veronica, a native of Quelimane, is the most recent member of the team. Her previous training was in micro-credit and small business management. Veronica lives in the community house in Supinho and she provides regular support and supervision for the savings and credit groups in both communities. Veronica’s enthusiasm and her presence in the field have had a very positive impact, particularly in the case of the savings and credit groups whose performance has been greatly enhanced as a result of her inputs. Veronica is currently working closely with a recently formed women’s agricultural group providing support and technical assistance