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All our work is aimed at improving the lives of the local communities through access to skills, jobs, opportunities and resources in all spheres of life.

Our approach

We place a strong emphasis on training and education to develop the skills and capacities needed for effective leadership and management of the community’s limited resources. The promotion of equal opportunities is also at the heart of our approach, which focuses on ensuring that all people have equal access to opportunities, regardless of their age, gender, religion and ethnicity. Underlying all our work is a strong commitment to the development of trust and understanding between local communities and the Foundation. This is enhanced by the permanent presence of a local community worker in Supinho village and the location of the Foundation headquarters in the village where villagers can come and go freely for their meetings and to make contact with the community project worker.

What we have achieved

  • Provided classrooms and sanitation facilities for 800 primary school age children in Supinho village
  • Improved access to primary health care services and medicine for 17,000 local inhabitants of Idugo village
  • Supported local enterprise development though provision of start-up capital, ongoing training and supervision for up to 20 community credit and savings groups.
  • Promoted women’ss economic empowerment through training and support for a women’s sewing and agricultural cooperatives
  • Provided training and employment opportunities in the tourism sector for over 50 men and women
  • Provided leadership and organisational management training to local cooperatives.

We are immensely grateful to the Zalala Foundation for providing us with the first trained female Community-Based Health worker. Her presence on the island has reduced the number of lives lost, especially women and newborn babies and infants.” (Idugo village elder)

Since the new school was built, pupil attendance has risen dramatically and school results have greatly improved… This bodes very well for the future” (School Headmaster)