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Zalala Foundation

The Zalala Foundation is a registered Mozambican charity based in the North Central province of Zambezia. We aim to improve the lives of local communities, in particular girls and women, by promoting access to basic rights, including education, health and reproductive services, training, business opportunities and employment . The work of the Foundation is funded through charitable donations and grants from within and outside Mozambique.

Supporting Girl’s Empowerment

In rural Mozambique, girls are at the bottom of the pile. Eight out of every 10 girls in the province do not complete primary school. Many get married and fall pregnant in their teens and are exposed to a high risk of contracting HIV. The Zalala Foundation is trying to change that. We have joined a nationwide network sharing tools

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Girls speak out

Last week, representatives of the Girls Group, ORIS, addressed an audience of district government representatives from the Education, Health and other Ministries to make known their demands from the Government of Mozambique. One by one, they spoke out about the problems they face and the failures at all levels of officialdom to fulfil their duties towards children and young people.

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