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Zalala Foundation

The Zalala Foundation is a charitable organisation working to improve the lives of local communities in Northern Mozambique by providing access to health services, education, training and employment . The work of the Foundation is funded through charitable donations and grants from within and outside Mozambique.

Support the Foundation’s work

We need your support to continue all the good work we are doing to improve the lives of children and families in Idugo and Supinho communities. YOU can make a difference! Our community team never rests. We are always keeping our eyes open to the emerging needs of local communities, talking to community representatives and networking with other organisations in

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Gifts for Supinho community groups

Footballs, shirts, shorts, socks and shoes were given to the two local Supinho football teams – the men’s team and the recently established women’s team. This equipment was dontated by members of Angela’s family who visited Supinho during their stay at Zalala Beach Lodge last August. At the inauguration of the Foundation, which they attended, the representative of the youth

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