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Zalala Foundation

The Zalala Foundation is a UK registered charity established to support the work of the Fundação Zalala, our sister Mozambican registered charity based in the North Central province of Zambezia. We aim to improve the lives of local communities, in particular girls and women, by promoting access to basic rights, including education, health and reproductive services, training, business opportunities and employment opportunities. The work of the Foundation is funded through charitable donations and grants from within and outside Mozambique.

Cyclone Freddy Appeal

Cyclone Freddy, one of the longest and most powerful tropical storms ever recorded ravaged our villages as it swept across the coast of Mozambique last week. In both communities, hundreds of houses have collapsed leaving people homeless and exposed to the elements. Many are facing hunger and illness as fields and crops have been flooded. Schools in both communities have

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Fundacao Board up and running

During their field trip in September 2022, the members of the Board of Trustees of the Zalala Foundation recommended that a Board of Trustees be established for the Mozambican counterpart organisation – the Fundacao Zalala. The functions and composition of the Board were discussed and it was agreed that the main function of the Board was to guide and support

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