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Zalala Foundation

The Zalala Foundation is a UK registered charity established to support the work of the Fundação Zalala, our sister Mozambican registered charity based in the North Central province of Zambezia. We aim to improve the lives of local communities, in particular girls and women, by promoting access to basic rights, including education, health and reproductive services, training, business opportunities and employment opportunities. The work of the Foundation is funded through charitable donations and grants from within and outside Mozambique.

Support for women and babies

In 2021, a Maternity Centre was completed providing services for the first time for the women on Idugo. But the needs of women and their babies do not end here. Providing good services requires ongoing support, maintenance, supervision and training. The Foundation is providing transport to the centre health workers to and from town weekly. In the coming months, training

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£6,245 raised to support School Sponsorship for Girls

A Christmas appeal was launched at the end of December 2022 to raise funds aimed at supporting the school fees and other essential needs of the 8 young girls in secondary school in Quelimane. The girls were selected from the Girls Association of Supinho and Idugo – AORIS – on the basis of their school results and their strong motivation

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